For Directors

Headhunting, Channel Search, Coaching, Fast Forward and Freelancy are the core of our service and expertise.

  • Headhunting. We find the best stars to your team.
  • Channel Search. We have all the right channels to show more.
  • Personal Training. We are your personal trainers and we will strengthen your leader skills.
  • Fast Forward. We help you and your people through the tough times.
  • Freelancy. We offer you desk and extra hands to keep your important projects in full swing. Even when our desk is packed with busy projects, we help you by building a brilliant team based on your needs. Our strategic eye ensures your strategic projects remain in your fingertips.


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For Actors

Headhunter House offers long-lasting roles and project assignments. You choose your way to work and share your expertise. We are your personal trainers to strengthen your power and sharpen your skills. We have the best coaches and the most fascinating inspirers. Together we will make it happen.

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Behind the scenes

Your business culture requires first-class professionals – people who are the source of your creativity. Headhunter House is your partner in developing your organization and your new business ideas. And we are your best partner and supporter when you are looking for new opportunities.

Our broad network brings together companies and professionals from a wide range of business areas. We have an impressive number of freelancers and creative people in our team and network. Our great personal experience at management level ensures successful results in all positions.

Our professional strength together with our excellent partners produce outstanding results. Fast. Along with our customers we are proud of our successful achievements.

We’re Making Tracks.

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